DOB: 2014
BREED: Rhode Island Red
Delilah is a special chicken who does not believe she is a chicken.  Rather than live in the coop with the rest of her chicken friends, she would prefer to live in Allie's house, with free range to walk in and out of the house as she pleases.  In fact, she laid her first egg on Allie’s desk! She likes to be picked up and comes when called.  Her favorite foods are oatmeal, cornbread and fresh tomatoes.

DOB: 2009    
BREED: Mixed; Schnauzer, Boxer and Saint Bernard
Eva was rescued from a dumpster as a puppy and adopted by Allie when she was just eight weeks old.  Eva loves to wrestle with her best friend, Finley and snuggle next to the fire.  She is playful and acts like a mom to all of the other animals in her home. 

DOB:  2007
BREED: Labradoodle
Finley came from a breeder when he was a puppy.  He lives with Allie, Newton, Eva and Tilly.  Finley loves to play ball, and he will bark at you to let you know he is ready to play.  A planned cross of Poodles and Labrador Retrievers, Labradoodles were originally bred to be hypoallergenic guide dogs.

Itty Bitty
DOB: 1997
BREED: Red-earred Slider
Itty Bitty was found on the driveway at Berryfield Farm when he was the size of a dime, hence his name.  He has been the Friends For Tomorrow reptilian mascot, living in the lounge and entertaining people of all ages.  He loves to sunbathe on his rock and perform aqua acrobatics in his tank. 

BREED: Mini Lop Rabbit
Newton was rescued from Nevins Farm.  He now lives at Allie’s house in a cage that has three floors. Newton loves to snuggle but does not like to be picked up. He likes to watch TV and to play with his canine housemates.  His favorite snacks are potato chips and popcorn, although they are not very good for him!

DOB: 2013
BREED: African Pygmy Hedgehog
lives with Allie and loves to come and work with the students of Hooves Paws and Claws. Hedgehogs have rows of short prickly spines on their backs and their bellies are covered with soft fur. She loves to take baths, run on her wheel and sleep. 

DOB: 2006
BREED: Australian Cattle Dog
Zip is a high energy, certified Therapy Dog who is very well trained by his owner, Kelli, who is an instructor at Friends For Tomorrow and a Hooves, Paws and Claws volunteer.  He enjoys mountain climbing with his sister and best friend, Koda, and is a Champion Carriage Dog.