Photo Credit: CB Portraits

DOB: 1986 - retired in 2010
Color: Dun
Breed: Icelandic
Doc was one of the first of two Icelandic horses to come to Berryfield Farm.  He was selected to be a Friends For Tomorrow therapy horse because he is perfect to work with children - he is small, strong, calm, and friendly.  Doc is now retired from the program but still enjoys visits and love from the children, staff, and volunteers who continue to celebrate the many years he spent making a difference in so many lives. 

 Photo Credit: CB Portraits

Photo Credit: CB Portraits

DOB: May 6, 1993
Color: Red Dun
Breed: Icelandic
Dayton's registered name is Ogmundur fra Ketilsstooum.  He is very good at the tolt, a gait unique to the Icelandic breed.  Dayton has learned to pull a cart, and has been a part of many local 4th of July Parades.  Dayton is a handsome horse with the heart to match.

May 2, 2005
Color: Paint
Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Katie is a therapeutic riding horse that dabbles in dressage.  She has a beautiful flowing mane and white feathers (long hairs around her ankles) to match.  Many say that the marking on her left shoulder looks like North America. 

DOB: December 20, 2012
Color: Paint
Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Lyra is a young girl with lots of heart and patience.  Her mane is so long that when it isn’t braided, it hangs almost to her knees!  This girl is a true Gypsy Vanner with lots of hair.  Be warned that Lyra loves to lick and put things in her mouth, so you may come away from her covered in horse slobber- luckily, most people don’t mind! 


DOB: October 9, 1990
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Icelandic
Ohio has had many jobs at our farm - from dressage show pony to carriage driving champion to therapeutic mount.  He is best friends with Doc who he shares a turnout with.  Everyone knows his name as he has it branded on his back - well - atleaset it looks like his name, OH10.  If you're lucky, he may show you how he can smile!

 Photo Credit: CB Portraits

Photo Credit: CB Portraits

Support Romeo in Retirement

Romeo - retired in 2015
DOB: 1998
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Quarter Horse
Romeo made us all laugh with his playfulness - he always wanted to play with the toys before the students.  He was a successful reining horse for many years with his previous owner and he is now enjoying his time in the field of Virginia.  He was great at teaching our more advanced students to post and ride independently.  His coat shimmers like copper when he stands in the sunshine.  He is very friendly and will often nicker when called.

DOB: February 3, 2000
Color: Red Roan
Breed: Quarter Horse
When not at FFT, Sparky works at a summer camp in Hudson, where he has been being adored by hundreds of children.  His quiet nature and sweet face make him a favorite with children and adults. His rhythmic trot is perfect for new riders. His registered name is Sparky's Two-Eyed Leo.



DOB: March 10, 1999
Color: Blue Dun
Breed: Icelandic
Thor grew up in a herd of Icelandic horeses and spent his time giving trail rides to riders needing special care. He is especially cute because of his full forelock. Thor is patient and kind with the students and volunteers and loves to snuggle.