Friends For Tomorrow began in 1994 with one horse and the inspiration to provide physically and emotionally challenged young people with the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding.  Founder Diane Lesneski Auger solicited the donation of a horse, a site, and discounted board and feed, and began the program with just three participants in the spring of 1995. By the following fall, the program doubled, welcomed six students, acquired an additional horse and became a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl) Member Center.

Today, the program has grown from that handful of therapeutic horseback riding students on borrowed horses to a flourishing and well respected program serving more than 60 students annually, and includes 30 volunteers and six horses, and has a lengthy waiting list for services. In 2007 we expanded our services by adding Pony Partners, an equine-assisted learning, social and empowerment program for girls between the age of 8 - 11.  A recent program addition was made in 2011 with the offering of Hooves, Paws & Claws, an animal-assisted learning program.  In 2015 we expanded services again by adding Horse-n-Buddy, focusing on therapeutic cart and ground driving.   Throughout our growth in program offerings, our core mission remains the same: to enhance the lives of children and young adults who face extraordinary cognitive, physical, emotional, and social challenges.  

Program # of Weeks Start and End Date
Hooves, Paws & Claws 6 January 5 - February 9
Horseback Riding and Horse-n-Buddy Winter I 6 January 9 - February 9
Horseback Riding and Horse-n-Buddy Winter II 6 February 13 - March 23
Horseback Riding and Horse-n-Buddy Spring I 6 March 30 - May 4
Pony Partners 10 March 31 - June 2
Horseback Riding and Horse-n-Buddy Spring II 6 May 8 - June 15
Horseback Riding and Horse-n-Buddy Summer 6 June 19 - July 27
Hooves, Paws & Claws 6 June 23 - July 28
Horseback Riding and Horse-n-Buddy Fall I 7 September 5 - October 19
Pony Partners 10 September 15 - November 17
Horseback Riding and Horse-n-Buddy Fall II 7 October 23 - December 7

The strength of our program stems from the dedication of our PATH Intl certified and Massachusetts licensed instructors and trained volunteers.  We are continually cultivating relationships with like-minded organizations and collaborating with outside professionals for ongoing training to better meet the complex needs of our students.