Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA) Equestrian Show
Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me brave in the attempt - Athletes' Oath
Saturday, October 28, 2017
Windrush Farm

Congratulations to our students and their families!  
Thank you to the number of vounteers who support our riders during this event.

Indoor arena photos by: Chris and MaryJo Prinos

Rider Trail Equitation
Annika 2nd Place 1st Place
Kayla 1st Place 2nd Place
Nellie 5th Place 6th Place
Levi 6th Place 5th Place
Eleanor 3rd Place 3rd Place
Pheobe 4th Place 1st Place
Connor 2nd Place 2nd Place
Noam 4th Place 4th Place
Misha 1st Place 1st Place
Amadi 3rd Place 3rd Place
Kristen 2nd Place 2nd Place