Friends for Tomorrow


All FFT riders face physical, emotional, cognitive or social challenges. A sampling of these challenges includes: Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Sensory Integrative Disorder, speech, hearing and vision impairments and other challenges. Approximately 35% of FFT students receive scholarships based on demonstrated financial need.

However, facts and figures can only tell part of the story. The true value of our program is realized when we see our young riders’ confidence grow and the smiles on their faces.

is 19 years old and has been riding at FFT for 5 years. Her favorite horse was Snuther before his retirement, but now she often rides Dayton. Susannah loves to ride outside and in the woods, she also enjoys riding without a leader when possible. Susannah has recently started riding without a leader, steering her horse around the ring by herself. Susannah has a favorite volunteer, Carol R., FFT wouldn’t be the same without her! Susannah also likes to ski and spend time on the Cape. When she is older, she’d like to work with people. Susannah is also a BIG fan of her older sister, Lauren.

photo Susannah riding Samwise

is 6 years old and has been riding at FFT for over 2 years. His favorite horses are Doc and Dayton and he likes to ride outside and over poles. Isaac wants you all to know that he LOVES horseback riding, his brother–Joshua, his nanny–Sue, his teacher–Allie, his volunteer–Sasja and his dog–Keegan. Isaac loves to do gymnastics on horseback, riding backwards, sideways and kneeling on the horse's back. He is a total flirt with our younger female volunteers and calls them all his girlfriends. Isaac is working on his core strength, sitting tall on the horse and steering without assistance. photo Isaac on Josie



is now 8 years old and has been riding for 5 years. He has been getting stronger and stronger in his trunk and just loves to flirt with his instructor and the volunteers. Nicholas has learned that if he keeps his hands on the surcingle then Doc will keep walking, and when he takes his hands off the horse stops. Nicholas is a charmer–when asked who is the most handsome guy, he will always responds: “me”! He is always accompanied by his Mom, who Nicholas loves to wave to from the horse, and his wonderful sister Annabelle. Nicholas' favorite horse is Samwise because Sam loves to walk fast and so does Nicholas.
photo Nicholas on Dayton