With this update, I share my deepest gratitude for the experience and the lives we have all shared in during the last quarter of a century! Since 1994, Friends For Tomorrow celebrated the successes and triumphs of hundreds of our students, from the tender age of four to those entering adulthood. Though every one of our students faced extraordinary challenges in their lives -  including social, emotional, physical and learning differences – each was able to find a way to experience a true sense of accomplishment and unconditional acceptance, something every individual deserves and cherishes. 

Every day I am thankful, and keenly aware of how, together, we created ways to reach our riders in ways other mainstream activities can’t; this multi-sensory experience has been unique, offering physical, cognitive and experiential challenges.  Captured during their time here are the visible, audible and perceived signs of release and calm as our students returned, or were being introduced to, a place they could be themselves; no pressure, no expectations, no demands. We welcomed the individuality, struggle and unique potential of each. Difficulties from school, and sometimes just a daily routine, can create overwhelming feelings of anxiety or withdrawal - FFT offered a gentle space to step into. Bodies softened, eyes widened, breath deepened. We were honored to bring this sense of ease to all our students and their families, and to breathe a collective sigh of harmony as we shared the afternoon.

The intellectual challenges changed from lesson to lesson, each student’s physical capabilities defining the plan for the day. And always, always the sensory elements of sight, sound, smell and touch. Every moment, our students were enveloped in the experience, entire bodies wrapped in the effects, the movement and the tactile challenges our time together presented.

Our students’ radiance burst through every week as they learned and played and grew stronger with their friends here.  Thank you for your part in making every lesson an opportunity for our students to be completely immersed in the chance to learn and to grow in such a holistic and all-inclusive way. We have been blessed to enhance the lives of these very special students and their families!

Please continue with your interest in what incredible magic blossoms and finds its way into the lives of both the horses and the humans as they enjoy time together.

My deepest gratitude for a life of service to my dearest Friends For Tomorrow family and our remarkable and intuitive equine friends.

With a full and grateful heart,

Diane Lesneski Auger,        Founder and President, Friends For Tomorrow


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”   Winnie the Pooh

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Our mission at Friends For Tomorrow is to enhance the lives of children and young adults with extraordinary physical, cognitive, emotional and social challenges through the therapeutic benefits of  horseback riding and equine- and animal-assisted learning and activities.

The Outside of a Horse is Good for the Inside of a Child